The Institute for Strategy and Development Research is a think tank dedicated to exploring the impact of ideas on structural challenges affecting the development of Mexico. It aims to produce strategic thinking about democracy, freedom, the construction of institutions, the exercise of public power, national security and economic well-being.


Publications are independent and based on
principles of objectivity and system thinking. Analyses made by The
Institute seek to understand the relations between economic, social,
political and cultural factors on selected reaserch topics. The team and
associates want to contribute to a more informed social dialogue,
influence on the decision-making of key public policies, as well as
formulate strategies that lead to a more stable country. To consider

1. Insights generated compete with other actors within the democratic debate.

2. Multiple communication channels must be established to attend different audiences.

3. Ideas must be able to be understood by both stakeholders and common citizens that seek to comprehend the complexity of social reality.